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Coquitlam Junk Removal

Coquitlam uses Rid Of IT® for all it’s junk disposal requirements. Welcome to Rid Of IT® Coquitlam Junk Removal where you will find a complete selection of rubbish removal services such as furniture disposal, couch removal, appliance disposal, mattress removal, construction waste disposal, electronic waste disposal in Coquitlam call Rid Of IT® for all your junk disposal needs. If you are moving homes, offices or just cleaning up we have the cleanup crew to handle any size job.  We can also provide a disposal bin, bins, bin rental, garbage bins, roll-off, mini bins, garbage bin rental, trash bins or mini bins for all your junk removal requirements.

Let us help you create and maintain clean and safe spaces, regardless if it is your Coquitlam commercial or residential property. With a consultation from our highly trained crew, we help you get your home or business junk-free.

With us, you have a hassle-free experience, and the end result is the envy of the neighborhood. We bring a positive attitude to each junk removal project which has been the key to our success. If you want an expert business for junk removal in Coquitlam, consider our able crew.

We proudly offer incredible value, expertise, and customer service. Because of our dedication and commitment to customers and perfect workmanship, we have become the best full-service Coquitlam, BC junk removal company. Our local presence guarantees we are the junk removal specialists satisfying the unique needs of Coquitlam residential and commercial property owners. We back all our services, and we are devoted to giving you the level of work you desire.

Our crew can manage all your furniture, TV, yard waste, or renovation junk removal requests. Serving you, no rubbish removal project escapes our capabilities. When you contact us, you receive world-class work. During our years in the junk removal industry, we have always taken pride in transforming hundreds of homes and businesses in the Coquitlam area into properties that are neat and tidy.



Junk Furniture Removal

includes Dressers, Tables, Chairs, Lamps, Rugs, etc. for removal and recycling. 1-800-RID-OF-IT always brings extra hands to make sure your furniture is safely removed from your home. Read more about junk furniture removal.


Sofa / Couch Removal

Love Seat, Sofa, Sectional Couch, Lazy Boys, futons or hide-a-bed couch removal, 1-800 RID-OF-IT® will remove, recycle or donate to charity. Read more about couch removal

junk couch

Appliance Removal

Fridge, stove, dishwashers, washers and dryers, or any major appliances for removal and recycling. 1-800-RID-OF-IT always brings extra hands to make sure your appliances are safely removed from your home. Read more about household appliance removal

Coquitlam fridge removal

Mattress Removal

Single, Queen or King size Mattress removal and box spring recycling, 1-800 RID-OF-IT® will remove and recycle any size mattress. Read more about our mattress removal

mattress removal in Coquitlam

TV Disposal

TV’s, Monitors, Electronics and more! We ensure they go to a depot that can recycle as many parts from the TV’s as possible. Read more about Electronics or TV Disposal

TV disposal Coquitlam

Renovation Junk Removal

1-800-RID-OF-IT will dispose of renovation materials, junk and garbage including drywall, paint cans, old carpets, floor tiles, carpets or Linoleum. Give us a call! Renovation Junk Disposal

Coquitlam renovation waste removal

Yard Waste Removal

Old fencing, rotten decking, brush, patio furniture – we’re here to help you with whatever general yard waste you need to be removed. Ask us about our curb rates! Yard Waste Removal

Coquitlam yard waste disposal

Commercial Junk Removal

Office clean outs, construction waste, parking lot maintenance and more.. view our commercial junk removal services.

1800-ridofit junk removal truck

1-800-RID-OF-IT will take care of your household junk removal needs at an affordable price. We will remove single items like a Couch, Mattress, or Appliance to full household junk removal for move outs. We recycle, and when possible will donate charitable items.

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  • Ask us about our curb side rates!

Call us today at 1-800-743-6348 for Coquitlam junk removal services!

Scott Marenych - Owner/Operator

Scott Marenych


we recycle junkYour trash could become someone else’s treasure so we donate to charities whenever possible. We believe that all junk that can be recycled, should be recycled.