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Used Mattress Disposal – $100-$185 (incl. enviromental fee)

RID-OF-IT Vancouver offers used mattress disposal and recycling. Allow us to pick up your old mattress or box spring today and we will make sure it gets recycled. Environmental fees do apply

Mattresses and box springs are now banned from the landfill so it’s no surprise that both mattresses and box springs are found lying next to dumpsters all around Vancouver. This could mean that your strata fees go up or if it’s you, then a costly fine could be in your mail.

Have us take care of your mattress and box spring removal for a genuinely good price and be secure in the knowledge you wont be making any rubbish dumpsters this angry!

used mattress disposal

Mattresses & Box Springs can now be recycled. You can’t throw them in a dumpster or leave them on the curb. Call “RID-OF-IT Vancouver” and we will remove any of the following sizes:

  • Single Mattress or Box Spring
  • Double Mattress or Box Spring
  • Twin Mattress or Box Spring
  • Queen Mattress or Box Spring
  • King Mattress or Box Spring
  • Or Futon

used mattress disposal for Vancouver areaWe’ll save you of the hassle of pulling your mattress and box spring through your house or apartment. With ” RID-OF-IT Vancouver” we offer the best mattress removal service in Vancouver at the best price! By taking the mattress or box spring apart, the contents can now be recycled.

Used Mattress Disposal Cost:

  • We do not except Bed bug mattresses to be disposed of.
  • We only use licensed recycle dumps to dispose of junk like old mattresses and box springs.
  • Find more information at city of Vancouver’s website under Mattress Disposal

Call us today at 604-659-6670 or email us for your used mattress removal needs.

Scott Marenych - Owner/Operator

Scott Marenych


we recycle junkYour trash could become someone else’s treasure so we donate to charities whenever possible. We believe that all junk that can be recycled, should be recycled.