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TV and Electronics Disposal – $65 and up

TV and Electronics Disposed of in trashRID-OF-IT Vancouver will dispose of your electronic materials with licensed recycle depots that ensure all of the precious metals will be returned to the market place in an efficient manner.

Our TV disposal service includes the cost of two workers and a dolly just in case it’s needed for those big projection TV’s!

TV Disposal includes:

  • Flat screens TV’s
  • Tube TV’s
  • Projection TV’s
  • Console TV’s
  • 20 inch to 60 or more

We will carefully remove your old TV, monitors or electronic devices from your home, apartment or business. Our friendly and professional crew will even wear booties to keep your home clean.

TV and Electronics Disposal Rates start at $65

We are a Vancouver-based junk disposal business and we believe that all junk and used TV’s and furniture that can be recycled should be recycled.You can call the RECYCLE Hot line at 604-Recycle (604-732-9253) and find the nearest electronic recycling facility to your home or office.

RID-OF-IT Vancouver will only use licensed recycle depots to dispose of rubbish removed from your home or business.

Junk TV in alley for TV and Electronics Disposal

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Scott Marenych - Owner/Operator

Scott Marenych


we recycle junkYour trash could become someone else’s treasure so we donate to charities whenever possible. We believe that all junk that can be recycled, should be recycled.