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Estate Clean Ups

When a family member or friend passes we are all saddened at this time.  However, the burden of cleaning up the loved ones apartment, home or business can be an overwhelming task.

Why Choose RID-OF-IT Vancouver ®

No matter what the circumstances,  we are here to help organize and make the clean up of there personal belongings go smoothly.

estate-junk-leftoversWell organized estate clean ups make your life easier at a trying time.  Let RID-OF-IT Vancouver ® Junk Removal Services work with you and take the overwhelming burden off your shoulders.

  • Our task is to make things run as smooth as possible during the estate clean up.
  • We have assisted people from cleaning out every cupboard, closet and drawer to having them sort out and bag all material to be disposed of.
  • We have done estate clean ups for people who have no family to relatives who have just flown in from out of town and have to deal with everything.
  • We can donate and give those items to charity or arrange to have family members pick up items that they may want to have.
  • It all comes down to how much time and effort you have to put into the clean up of the estate.

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Scott Marenych - Owner/Operator

Scott Marenych


we recycle junkYour trash could become someone else’s treasure so we donate to charities whenever possible. We believe that all junk that can be recycled, should be recycled.