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It’s not unusual for anyone to want to repair and hopefully save a broken piece of furniture instead of throwing it out. There are many varied reasons that some people cling to broken items wanting to have it repaired rather than getting rid of it straight away – repair might cost less than buying a new one, the broken item may have sentimental value, and so on.

However, if you are holding on to a broken furniture piece or any other broken item in your home, you have to know if you are being rational about keeping this broken item because otherwise, you might potentially be showing signs of hoarding. You should ask yourself if the item can really be fixed, or if it’s time to call a firm for furniture removal in Vancouver.

What is hoarding? Hoarding, also called hoarding disorder, is acquiring numerous assorted unnecessary items and experiencing difficulty throwing these items away for no logical reason. The problem with hoarding is that hoarders find it very hard to say good bye to the items they have kept – even when these items include garbage or expired products.

Keeping garbage at home may put your family’s health at risk – but most hoarders are unable to realize this that they still hold on to their hoarded possessions. There are countless hoarders with homes that are almost too unsanitary to be in. Additionally, the clutter that has built up in their homes can already be starting to affect their daily lives but they are unable to see or admit it.

A person suffering from hoarding disorder may experience distress or anxiety at the thought of throwing their hoarded possessions.

What are the signs of hoarding? Signs of hoarding include obsession with the thought of acquiring and keeping items of no value – even rubbish, being quite anxious at the idea of getting rid of these hoarded items, having a house that’s too cluttered and unsanitary to reside in, and wanting to keep something that is not usable anymore (expired goods).

Hoarding disorder is believed to be linked to other mental disorders and with the help of a mental help professional, this condition may be treated.

So, if you are holding on to something you know that can no longer use, such as damaged furniture, maybe it’s about time to have it collected by a trusted name for furniture removal in Vancouver. After all, a clean, well-organized home will always be better than a cluttered, dirty one.

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