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Metal Scrap to Scrap Yards

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, you may already be familiar with the professionals you need to contact whenever you need a hand removing rubbish from your residential or commercial property; but what do you do if the rubbish you want to get rid of is composed of scrap metal?

Most professional junk removal companies would take away virtually any item you need to get rid of. Unfortunately, they have limitations too, and most professional junk removal businesses are not equipped to deal with your scrap metal for you.

Scrap Yards

If you need to dispose of some metal scraps in Vancouver, a scrap yard would be your best bet.

Aside from the fact that a Vancouver based scrap yard would take in any type of metal you want to send in, some scrap yards would even give you some cash for scrap metal you deposit.

So, if you’re looking to earn some cash while clearing up some space occupied by metal scraps in your area, you may want to give your local scrap yard a call. Keep in mind, however, that there are certain types of metal that would have a higher cost than others, and there would be metals that would not cost much or would not cost anything at all.

In depositing your metal scrap to a Vancouver scrap yard, it’s important to know about the most common types of metal accepted. The metals are generally classified into two categories: non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals have a higher value as compared to ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals include copper, brass, aluminum, and bronze. Ferrous metals are iron and steel. Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron. The easiest means of finding out if your metal is ferrous or not is through using a magnet. Since non-ferrous metals do not have iron, magnets would not attract them. Ferrous metals, on the other hand, would be magnetized. Proper knowledge about the kinds of metal you send to the scrap yard would give you a general idea on the amount of cash to expect.

Whenever you want to clear up some metal scraps from your home or business, seek the help of scrap yards instead of professional junk removal companies. Save yourself from the headache of having too much metal clutter and earn some money in the process.

Importance of Junkyards

Whenever we throw away our daily household trash, we may already have an idea where the trash would go to. Most of the time, non-recyclable wastes would end up in landfill areas while recyclable trash would be sent to recycling depots.

However, when it comes to cars, sites were specifically created to cater to vehicles that are beyond repair or have reached the end of their life cycle; these sites are known as junkyards. A Vancouver based junkyard would be the right place to send your old vehicles to – vehicles that you would want to get rid of.

vancouver junkyard

Not only would a Vancouver based junkyard take care of your scrap car and separate usable parts from unusable ones, a junkyard is also the perfect place to look for used car parts at affordable prices.

Even when your car has stopped running or has become totally non-operational, there would surely be some parts of it which could be salvaged and recycled. As a matter of fact, one of the most recycled products in the world is steel from vehicles. Around 75 percent of a vehicle may be recycled.

What makes junkyards important? One of the most obvious answers to this question is that a junkyard is a place that practically prevents scrap cars with perfectly usable parts from just ending up in landfills. Being responsible for recycling of auto parts, you can see how junkyards can help save the environment in a big way. Simply put, if you want some guarantee that your scrap car would be taken care of in the most eco-friendly way possible, you can count on junkyards.

Junkyards could also help people who are looking for car parts to have their own vehicles repaired. Brand new car parts could cost a lot – and used car parts from junkyards can give anyone the chance to get the parts they need at a more economical price.

Keep in mind that sending your car to a junkyard is ideal, particularly if your car has suffered major, irreparable damage. However, if you just want to replace your old car, you can sell it to get some of your cash back; or, if you’re feeling generous, you can give your old car to another family member, a friend, or a relative.

Common Household Garbage You Should Never Throw in the Trash

Disposal of household garbage for regular trash pickup in Vancouver may be something that’s being done routinely by most homeowners. There are even some people who honestly don’t have time to segregate non-biodegradable trash from biodegradable ones – let alone recycle them.

The thing is, every homeowner must spend some time in properly throwing their trash for pickup in Vancouver, not only to save the planet but because doing otherwise may be punishable by laws of the local government.

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to personally recycle or reuse every item you want to get rid of; but it is important too, at the very least, be aware of the common household garbage that you should never throw in your regular trash or mix with the other scraps from your home.

Among the most common household items usually being thrown away by people unaware of the dangers of doing so are the everyday cleaning substances such as detergents, or bleach. Empty spray cans such as antiperspirant spray cans, aerosol spray cans, and disinfectant spray cans, when disposed of improperly, could pose a threat to humans, animals, as well as the environment. If you have leftover detergents, bleach, pesticides or insecticides, aerosol spray and disinfectant spray, you could give them to individuals who could use them. Similarly, latex paint cans or latex paint themselves could be dangerous if mixed with other garbage to end up in the landfills. Leftover latex paint can be dried before disposal. One way to make the paint dry faster is by mixing shredded paper or cat litter with the leftover paint.

Another kind of trash that should be disposed of the right way is unused medication. While it may seem much easier to simply flush the drug down the toilet, this is not safe at all. Once the chemical gets mixed in the water systems it could contaminate the waters and possibly endanger aquatic life.

Used batteries, whether rechargeable, single-use or even cell phone batteries – contain hazardous chemicals and should be properly disposed of.

There are innumerable household items that one must not throw away in the trash casually. Fortunately, the government has created the special drop-off depots where you may deposit such items. There are also programs by the government designed to take back unused or expired medications so you would not have to throw them in the trash. Being responsible for managing your household waste would be a great deal of help in saving the environment.


Proper Disposal of Old Commercial Electronics in Vancouver

For regular homeowners, information on proper waste management and disposal may readily be available. It’s effortless to look for ways to handle different types of waste such as solid waste, hazardous waste, liquid waste, and even electronic waste.

Unfortunately, this may not be the same case when it comes to commercial wastes. While it’s easy for business owners to just hire professional junk removal companies to take care of the usual office rubbish, wastes just like old commercial electronics in Vancouver could call for special handling since not all junk removal companies accept e-waste.

For an instance, a typical household could have up to three computers while a regular workplace may have a bigger number of computers as sometimes, each employee would even have their own pc. What’s more is that this is not limited to just computers – many commercial spaces might have more electronics than common households – air conditioners, refrigerators, and so on.

If you are a homeowner who needs to let go of an electronic appliance, says, an old computer that’s still usable, you could donate it to some people in need, or even put it up for sale. If your old computer is broken, you could have it repaired, you could sell the usable parts instead, or you could drop it off at designated sites for e-waste.

However, if you own a business and need to get rid of numerous computer units, it may not be as easy to dispose of these electronic items, to separate usable units from ones beyond repair, to sell usable parts, etc.

Luckily, Electronic Products Recycling Association or E.P.R.A., has established a program called Return-It Electronics program. Return-It Electronics program wherein the manufacturers of electronic devices would be responsible for the recycling of their own products.  Therefore, if you have purchased your computer devices from a single manufacturer, you could return these electronics to the manufacturer once they have reached the end of their usability. The manufacturer would ensure that the electronics you have returned would be recycled properly.

Of course, returning the electronics to the manufacturer isn’t your only option when you want to dispose of some e-waste. Alternatively, if you have fully-functional electronic appliances, you may donate them to various organizations.

Practicing proper disposal of electronic waste will go a long way in saving much-needed space in our landfills.

Advantages of Trash Bin Rental

It’s not unusual for practical homeowners to seek the most economical means of doing almost everything. Whether in buying grocery items, shopping for clothes, you name it — thrifty homeowners would always find a more inexpensive option. Additionally, in terms of being economical, junk removal in Vancouver that’s cheap is also something that would be considered.

Even so, for most companies that specialize in junk removal in Vancouver, cheap rates are not always being offered. If you’re one of the prudent homeowners preferring not to hire the services of junk removal companies, don’t fret because there is another option to suit your needs.

Bin rentals are a popular option for most people who are not requiring major help (in terms of labor) when it comes to junk removal. Instead of hiring a professional rubbish removal company to clean up your trash and take it away, you can do the cleaning yourself and put the garbage in the rented bins.

Aside from the obvious monetary benefits of renting garbage bins, there are other advantages to opting for a trash bin rental instead of immediately hiring the help of a junk removal company.

Most companies offering trash bins for rent have a wide range of garbage bins of various sizes to handle all types of wastes, no matter how big or small. Garbage bins are usually available in small sizes to accommodate minimal waste from simple home projects and huge dimensions to be able to handle construction debris.

Another advantage of renting trash bins is the flexibility it gives the homeowner. Once you book a trash bin, you can use it for an agreed period of time. Therefore, you have the freedom to load your bins at a pace that you want, with no pressure.

Rented bins would be taken away by the company on the agreed date and you would not have to worry about the garbage being handled improperly. You can count on most bin rental or junk removal company with bin rental services to practice proper waste handling at all times.

If you decide to keep your household wastes without rented bins, it could be easily infested by vermin or unwanted pests. On the other hand, there are rented bins with lids to prevent pests from getting into the trash.

In short, due to the cost of labor included in junk removal services, it is understandable why it may cost more. So if you want to go for the more frugal choice and don’t mind loading the bins yourself, bin rental may just be the right option for you.

How to Handle Medical Waste Properly

Hospitals in Vancouver are typically perceived as one of those places that are supposedly germ or waste-free. With the aim of maintaining this image of being reputable, it’s unsurprising that hospitals practice proper medical waste disposal in Vancouver.

However, medical wastes don’t come only from hospitals, healthcare centers, or clinics – even local households could produce medical wastes, too.  Items such as a used syringe and hypodermic needles used surgical gloves and/or sponges, as well as unused or expired medications, are considered medical wastes.

Any substance considered infectious, anything that has come in contact with human blood, or any item used in the process of chemotherapy would also fall on the category of medical wastes.

There are some junk removal companies that attend to only medical wastes. It is important to keep in mind that medical wastes must be handled by professionals because this type of waste is regarded as hazardous. Any person who would accidentally come in direct contact with potentially dangerous or infectious substances can easily be harmed. In addition, improper medical waste disposal in Vancouver is strictly prohibited by the law.

Medications, when disposed of improperly, may pose a threat to the environment too. While prescription drugs are classified as medical waste, there is a different way to dispose of expired or unused prescription drugs.

Luckily, the government has established a program specifically designed to collect unused or expired medications for free called the Prescription Drug Drop-Off Program. The Prescription Drug Drop-Off Program also called the Medication Return program, allows anyone to drop off any unused, expired, or even unwanted drugs. Remember that only medications, vitamins, and drugs for pets are accepted in this program. Other kinds of medical wastes such as used syringe or surgical gloves will not be accepted.

Any type of medical waste should be dealt with the right way to reduce health risks to people and prevent any harm to anyone else or the planet.

Getting Rid of Your Old Car

You usually get rid of your old furniture, old mattress, broken appliances, and any other personal items you have used before. Most of the items you are intending to throw away can typically be handled by various junk removal companies such as Rid of It Vancouver, 1800 Got Junk or Just Junk.

However, have you ever wondered what happens if it is your own car that you want to get rid of? Once your car has reached the end of its life span, would Rid Of it Vancouver, 1 800 Got Junk, Just Junk, or other major rubbish removal firms still collect it from you?

Although most of the personal junk you want to get rid of would be taken away by different junk removal companies, the case might not be the same if you need to get rid of your vehicle instead. If you want to have your old car taken, you should seek the help of a professional auto recycling company. Alternatively, you can send your car away to a junk yard for recycling.

Old Car

Since your car is made up of mostly steel parts, you can expect that a large percentage of your old car would be qualified for recycling. Take into consideration that junk removal businesses would not take your old car but there are some that would gladly attend to metal scraps from your car – after it is dismantled.

Recycling of your old vehicle takes time and effort that’s why companies specifically dealing with old cars were created to attend to this particular task.

If you are meaning to throw your old car away, get in touch with the auto recycling companies near your area or some local towing companies will also offer this service. Aside from getting the assurance that your car would be recycled properly, some auto recycling companies would even pay you for your old car.

Reusing VS Recycling

When it comes to rubbish removal, making the world a better place by reducing, reusing, and recycling has always been promoted by the government as well as various organizations advocating the welfare of the planet all across the globe.

The terms reuse and recycle were being used interchangeably by numerous people; however, there are several important differences between reusing and recycling.

What is Reusing?

Reusing, from the term itself, means that using an item continuously without having to change its form. For an instance, if you have an old box which was originally used as packaging for an item you bought and you use this box again to store some other items from your house – it would be considered reusing. Reusing would not only be good for the environment, it could also help you save some cash. We all know that companies for junk removal in Vancouver have prices that vary, but some of these companies base their rates on the amount of trash you want to be removed. Therefore, if you opt to reuse some of your trash instead of having a junk removal company collect them, you might just save some money.

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the reprocessing of thrown away items to be usable once again. The process of recycling usually involves treatment process to be able to convert trash into a new item. Hence, recycling uses energy to be able to complete the process. For different firms for junk removal in Vancouver, prices for the recycling process are added because the treatment itself calls for special handling. Since recycling calls for treatment, it is inevitable that water, soil, air, or other forms of pollutants would be produced while creating new items from old rubbish.

As a result of the harmful pollutants that may be produced by the process of recycling, reusing of old items is generally preferred over recycling.

Both recycling and reusing are great ways of saving our planet from the impending harm of having excessive waste.

Important Questions to Ask a Junk Removal Company

It’s not every day that we need the aid of a professional junk removal company. For the daily wastes our household produces, we normally just wait for the free garbage pickup in Vancouver area courtesy of our very own government and through our taxes. Though, in some cases, if you have some major amount of trash piling up in your home due to a recent home project or such, it’s quite likely that you are considering seeking the services of a junk removal company in your local area.

Once you have already picked a local junk removal firm to help you out, there are some crucial questions you need to know the answers to before finally signing the contract and closing the deal with the company you have chosen.

While many of us dream of a free junk removal within Vancouver, this would probably remain a dream for years to come, so it is important to ask the junk removal firm for its rates. Find out the costs and ask the company how they compute their prices. There are some companies that base their rates on the volume of space your garbage would occupy on their vehicles, while others would base their prices on the time and effort their workers would spend on your property.  Knowing about the company’s rates for their services would give you an instant idea if the services would meet your budget.

In relation to asking the company about the fees, don’t forget to ask them about the services included in the cost. There are some companies that would ask for additional payment for added work done just like lifting heavy objects.

It would be a great deal of help for you to find out about the range of services the company provides. For an instance, can they handle mattress removal or couch removal tasks? There are some companies that would attend to these types of work immediately, but there are others that would not be able to deal with specific types of junks.

It is also important to ask the junk removal company about the available schedules they have to get rid of your garbage. There are some companies which would be fully booked at a particular time that’s why you have to find out if their services would be available at a time that would be convenient for you, too.

You have to ask which types of trash they would gladly accept and the types of rubbish they are not allowed to take. There are set limitations to what various junk removal companies are allowed to pick up according to the law. Most types of hazardous wastes would not be taken by many junk removal firms.

Don’t forget to ask your local junk removal company about the equipment they have and which ones they would use to deal with your garbage. Check if they have proper containers for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, and so on. You could also inquire about how the company would handle recyclable items.

If the company’s answers to these important questions would be satisfactory to you, maybe it’s time to finally close the deal and let them remove your trash.

How to Get Rid of Old Mattresses

The average life expectancy of a standard mattress is around ten years. However, there’s no denying that many of us might actually be using our mattresses for a much longer period than their expected lifespan. Some of us may even stretch the usage of our mattress and would only consider replacing it once it shows signs of major damages such as permanent stains or large tears.

Most homeowners would simply call a junk removal company for mattress removal in Vancouver. Even though most companies offering mattress removal within Vancouver would recycle used mattresses, there are some that would only dump these mattresses in landfills. As expected, mattresses take up a large space on dumping sites. What makes this worse is the fact that mattresses take an extremely long time to break down.

There are some ways you can make sure that your used mattress would not just end up occupying valuable space in the dumping site.

If you’re already doing your shopping for a new mattress, you can always ask the mattress provider if they would be willing to take your old mattress for recycling. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your old mattress and ensuring that it would be recycled. Not all mattress companies take used mattresses for recycling, that is why you have to ask first.

If you’re interested in making some money from your old mattress, you can put it up for sale, too. You have to make sure that your mattress is totally reusable and free from any bed bugs. Check if your used mattress has any signs of permanent stain – because any major stain could actually make your mattress unmarketable.

You can also donate your used mattress to various organizations. This doesn’t only help reduce waste caused by mattresses – you’re actually doing a good deed.

Whenever you’re considering donating or selling your old mattress, doing a little clean up such as vacuuming it first and making sure that it is not infested with bed bugs would also be ideal.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, you can opt to take your mattress apart yourself. You could recycle the materials from your old mattresses such as springs and wood or turn them into decorative items for your home.

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