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Reusing VS Recycling

When it comes to rubbish removal, making the world a better place by reducing, reusing, and recycling has always been promoted by the government as well as various organizations advocating the welfare of the planet all across the globe.

The terms reuse and recycle were being used interchangeably by numerous people; however, there are several important differences between reusing and recycling.

What is Reusing?

Reusing, from the term itself, means that using an item continuously without having to change its form. For an instance, if you have an old box which was originally used as packaging for an item you bought and you use this box again to store some other items from your house – it would be considered reusing. Reusing would not only be good for the environment, it could also help you save some cash. We all know that companies for junk removal in Vancouver have prices that vary, but some of these companies base their rates on the amount of trash you want to be removed. Therefore, if you opt to reuse some of your trash instead of having a junk removal company collect them, you might just save some money.

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the reprocessing of thrown away items to be usable once again. The process of recycling usually involves treatment process to be able to convert trash into a new item. Hence, recycling uses energy to be able to complete the process. For different firms for junk removal in Vancouver, prices for the recycling process are added because the treatment itself calls for special handling. Since recycling calls for treatment, it is inevitable that water, soil, air, or other forms of pollutants would be produced while creating new items from old rubbish.

As a result of the harmful pollutants that may be produced by the process of recycling, reusing of old items is generally preferred over recycling.

Both recycling and reusing are great ways of saving our planet from the impending harm of having excessive waste.

Important Questions to Ask a Junk Removal Company

It’s not every day that we need the aid of a professional junk removal company. For the daily wastes our household produces, we normally just wait for the free garbage pickup in Vancouver area courtesy of our very own government and through our taxes. Though, in some cases, if you have some major amount of trash piling up in your home due to a recent home project or such, it’s quite likely that you are considering seeking the services of a junk removal company in your local area.

Once you have already picked a local junk removal firm to help you out, there are some crucial questions you need to know the answers to before finally signing the contract and closing the deal with the company you have chosen.

While many of us dream of a free junk removal within Vancouver, this would probably remain a dream for years to come, so it is important to ask the junk removal firm for its rates. Find out the costs and ask the company how they compute their prices. There are some companies that base their rates on the volume of space your garbage would occupy on their vehicles, while others would base their prices on the time and effort their workers would spend on your property.  Knowing about the company’s rates for their services would give you an instant idea if the services would meet your budget.

In relation to asking the company about the fees, don’t forget to ask them about the services included in the cost. There are some companies that would ask for additional payment for added work done just like lifting heavy objects.

It would be a great deal of help for you to find out about the range of services the company provides. For an instance, can they handle mattress removal or couch removal tasks? There are some companies that would attend to these types of work immediately, but there are others that would not be able to deal with specific types of junks.

It is also important to ask the junk removal company about the available schedules they have to get rid of your garbage. There are some companies which would be fully booked at a particular time that’s why you have to find out if their services would be available at a time that would be convenient for you, too.

You have to ask which types of trash they would gladly accept and the types of rubbish they are not allowed to take. There are set limitations to what various junk removal companies are allowed to pick up according to the law. Most types of hazardous wastes would not be taken by many junk removal firms.

Don’t forget to ask your local junk removal company about the equipment they have and which ones they would use to deal with your garbage. Check if they have proper containers for biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, and so on. You could also inquire about how the company would handle recyclable items.

If the company’s answers to these important questions would be satisfactory to you, maybe it’s time to finally close the deal and let them remove your trash.

How to Get Rid of Old Mattresses

The average life expectancy of a standard mattress is around ten years. However, there’s no denying that many of us might actually be using our mattresses for a much longer period than their expected lifespan. Some of us may even stretch the usage of our mattress and would only consider replacing it once it shows signs of major damages such as permanent stains or large tears.

Most homeowners would simply call a junk removal company for mattress removal in Vancouver. Even though most companies offering mattress removal within Vancouver would recycle used mattresses, there are some that would only dump these mattresses in landfills. As expected, mattresses take up a large space on dumping sites. What makes this worse is the fact that mattresses take an extremely long time to break down.

There are some ways you can make sure that your used mattress would not just end up occupying valuable space in the dumping site.

If you’re already doing your shopping for a new mattress, you can always ask the mattress provider if they would be willing to take your old mattress for recycling. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your old mattress and ensuring that it would be recycled. Not all mattress companies take used mattresses for recycling, that is why you have to ask first.

If you’re interested in making some money from your old mattress, you can put it up for sale, too. You have to make sure that your mattress is totally reusable and free from any bed bugs. Check if your used mattress has any signs of permanent stain – because any major stain could actually make your mattress unmarketable.

You can also donate your used mattress to various organizations. This doesn’t only help reduce waste caused by mattresses – you’re actually doing a good deed.

Whenever you’re considering donating or selling your old mattress, doing a little clean up such as vacuuming it first and making sure that it is not infested with bed bugs would also be ideal.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, you can opt to take your mattress apart yourself. You could recycle the materials from your old mattresses such as springs and wood or turn them into decorative items for your home.

Making Compost from Household Wastes

For any home, it’s normal for the trash to be taken out regularly. Household scraps included in usual trash removal within Vancouver are food leftovers, paper products, and food packaging.

Yes, it seems much easier to just let the garbage collectors take this junk, but did you know that some of the most common household trash you typically throw out can still be used for your garden?

If you have a garden, instead of buying artificial fertilizers for your plants or crops, you could use food scraps to make natural compost. So, in a way, composting can help you save some cash because you no longer have to purchase fertilizers. It can also reduce the amount of garbage you produce at home. While most companies for trash removal in Vancouver would gladly take your food scraps, it would be better to think of other ways you can reuse scraps rather than it just being dumped in the landfill areas.

There are innumerable types of food leftovers you can use for your compost. Egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, leftover bread, and corn cobs are just some of them. What’s more, the compost you can make at home may be produced using other types of waste aside from food scraps. Grass clippings, branches, leaves, and other garden wastes may also be added to your compost. In addition, paper waste such as used toilet rolls, cardboard, and newspaper can be used as well.

These types of wastes will naturally break down over time. The process of composting would be more effective if these wastes would be buried in soil. Burying food scraps, paper waste, or garden waste in soil would also protect them from being eaten by animals.

You can choose to make a compost bin yourself or purchase one. Just make sure that enough air can get in your bin. You also have to ensure that your compost gets sufficient moisture and warmth.

In just a couple of months, you can look forward to getting all-natural compost you can use for your garden.


Furniture Removal Vancouver


It’s not unusual for anyone to want to repair and hopefully save a broken piece of furniture instead of throwing it out. There are many varied reasons that some people cling to broken items wanting to have it repaired rather than getting rid of it straight away – repair might cost less than buying a new one, the broken item may have sentimental value, and so on.

However, if you are holding on to a broken furniture piece or any other broken item in your home, you have to know if you are being rational about keeping this broken item because otherwise, you might potentially be showing signs of hoarding. You should ask yourself if the item can really be fixed, or if it’s time to call a firm for furniture removal in Vancouver.

What is hoarding? Hoarding, also called hoarding disorder, is acquiring numerous assorted unnecessary items and experiencing difficulty throwing these items away for no logical reason. The problem with hoarding is that hoarders find it very hard to say good bye to the items they have kept – even when these items include garbage or expired products.

Keeping garbage at home may put your family’s health at risk – but most hoarders are unable to realize this that they still hold on to their hoarded possessions. There are countless hoarders with homes that are almost too unsanitary to be in. Additionally, the clutter that has built up in their homes can already be starting to affect their daily lives but they are unable to see or admit it.

A person suffering from hoarding disorder may experience distress or anxiety at the thought of throwing their hoarded possessions.

What are the signs of hoarding? Signs of hoarding include obsession with the thought of acquiring and keeping items of no value – even rubbish, being quite anxious at the idea of getting rid of these hoarded items, having a house that’s too cluttered and unsanitary to reside in, and wanting to keep something that is not usable anymore (expired goods).

Hoarding disorder is believed to be linked to other mental disorders and with the help of a mental help professional, this condition may be treated.

So, if you are holding on to something you know that can no longer use, such as damaged furniture, maybe it’s about time to have it collected by a trusted name for furniture removal in Vancouver. After all, a clean, well-organized home will always be better than a cluttered, dirty one.

Negative Effects of Poor Waste Management

Proper waste handling has always been promoted by the government regarding residential junk removal in Vancouver.

The practice of managing waste the right way starts at home. Correct waste disposal can lead to many advantageous results. Some of the positive results include having a healthier living environment and not to mention having a more welcoming planet to live in.

While the local government has never stopped reminding us about the importance of proper junk removal in Vancouver, we should also be aware of the negative effects of poor waste management.

Aside from being truly unpleasant to look at, incorrect waste disposal can result in various harmful impacts.

junk removal in vancouver

First and foremost, if you don’t throw your garbage properly, it may put your family’s health at risk in many ways. For an instance, garbage kept inside your property for a long time can attract many pests and vermin that carry diseases which could make your family sick.

It’s a good thing that the government actually offers to take hazardous wastes just like fluorescent lights or medical wastes (e.g. needles, syringe, etc.) because otherwise, these items may be extremely harmful to people if not handled the correct way. Broken light bulbs or needles can cause wounds and the latter can even spread the infection to anyone. The government has depots or stations where such wastes can be sent to.

If you don’t throw your garbage properly and just leave them lying around public places, they can clog drainages and might cause floods.

If someone who is not aware of the danger improper waste handling poses dumps their garbage in the ocean, it could lead to water pollution and contamination, too. Water pollution could be quite harmful to the marine life.

Some people burn their garbage and this could contribute to the worsening air pollution problem.

If harmful chemicals are spilled onto the ground, the soil would become contaminated and this may lead to soil pollution. Soil pollution has adverse impacts on the ecosystem.

Proper education regarding acceptable ways of throwing garbage is important. It is imperative that people are made aware of the negative consequences of dumping trash improperly for us to have a healthier, cleaner environment.  

Pricing of Junk Removal Services

When you are looking to hire the services of any company for junk disposal in Vancouver, it would be prudent if you compare prices of various names in the field before making your decision.

Aside from the years of experience and client feedback, one of the details you are probably taking into consideration is the pricing.

In comparing rates of different firms for junk disposal in Vancouver, before you get suspicious that a company is ripping you off, it would be helpful to find out how the companies compute the prices for the junk removal service.

The factors that would determine the price of junk removal services vary from company to company. Here are some of the elements which can impact the costs of junk removal services:

There are some companies that base their prices on the volume of the rubbish you have. Since your trash would be loaded in their trucks, the room your trash would occupy in their truck would be the basis of the cost you need to pay.

Other junk removal firms factor in the types of junk you need to get rid of because this can affect the amount of work their workers need to carry out. For an instance, they could charge more for the removal of heavy construction debris.

There are other rubbish removal firms that base their pricing on the amount of time their staff spent on removing your trash.

Your location could also determine the price of junk removal services since some companies charge more for junk removal services in remote locations as they have to travel far to get to you and they need to spend money on fuel expenses.

There are additional charges different companies have for trash that need special handling. Electrical appliances just like refrigerators contain potentially hazardous materials such as Freon and call for special handling that’s why some companies require additional payment to deal with these types of rubbish.

Even though there are strict regulations regarding the handling of hazardous wastes such as fluorescent lights, there are still some companies that would be willing to handle these types of wastes for you at an additional cost.

The price for the services of most junk removal firms usually includes the landfill or dumping fees.
A Proper understanding of how some companies come up with their rates and the factors that affect the costs could also save you from some traps of companies offering unbelievably low rates.

Preparation for Junk Removal

If you have just completed a major clean up of your home, finished a gardening project, or if you’re cleaning after a home renovation, it would be very convenient for you to hire services for junk removal or junk pick up within Vancouver.

After hiring the junk removal company of your choice to help you out and scheduling the junk removal, there are some things you can do yourself to make the trash removal job run more smoothly.

While some may think that the junk removal professionals must do everything, doing some tasks on your end can help you save time and money.

One of the first things you should do while preparing for the junk pick up in Vancouver is making a listing of all the things you want to get rid of. This would make you deliberate about the items you really want to throw away. You could also think about things you may want to donate to family, friends, or relatives.

If you are not planning to donate anything, perhaps you could consider selling them instead and earn some cash. While you are sorting items that you want to go, you might be pleasantly surprised at the number of objects you can sell.

Organizing stuff which you want to be removed, putting them in bags, and adding labels on them can help the junk removal company handle them better, make the job smoother, and could have the task completed much faster. This may cut the junk removal costs too, particularly because some rubbish removal companies base their rates according to the effort their workers exerted and the time their staff spent working on your trash.

Some junk removal firms base their prices on the space your trash would take up in their trucks. Therefore, if you have some boxes you want to be removed, flattening them so they won’t take up much room could help save you some money.

Segregating hazardous items and informing the junk removal company about them beforehand would help you save time. Keep in mind that not all companies agree to take these kinds of trash.

Signs that It’s Time to Bid Your Couch Goodbye

If you are a homeowner who loves doing hands-on decoration of your home, it is likely that you handpick every item you have – from furniture items to small decorative pieces.

Since you have selected each article with extreme care, it might be hard for you to let go of them. For instance, if you have chosen a couch particularly pleasing for you, it’s possible that having it replaced is not the first thing in your mind.

Even so, you should know when it’s time to call companies for couch removal in Vancouver and let your treasured couch go.

Here are some signs that you need to replace your couch:

If your couch has stains which are impossible to be removed, it might be the right time to get a new one.

One sign that it’s necessary to have your couch replaced is when you hear creaking when you sit on it. Sometimes, a couch produces a creaking noise when some of the joints become a bit loose.

It might be time to say goodbye to your couch if you notice tears and frays. Showing signs of being worn out is a sign of an old couch.

Right after you have bought this couch, it is cozy and comfortable. If your couch has flattened, is sagging or if you are sinking when you sit on it is another sign you are in need of a new couch.

Noticing that the color of your couch has faded is another reason to purchase a replacement.

If you just want to replace your couch because you are redecorating, you may do as you please. The truth is you don’t need to wait until your couch becomes damaged before you replace it.

If you are worried that your old couch may just go to waste if you have it replaced while in a good condition – worry no more. Most companies offering services for couch removal in Vancouver usually look for organizations in need of used couches in perfect condition and have these couches donated. Therefore, you can have confidence that your couch will still be put to good use.

Reducing Waste at the Office

Having office waste reduced may not seem as easy as reducing waste at home. At home, you have full control of how you handle all domestic wastes, and you can easily choose what to buy (e.g. opting to purchase reusable items rather than things that may just be used once). Also, let’s admit it — some of us don’t mind that much about managing waste at the office, we know that various companies for junk removal in Vancouver, BC can take care of that.

At the office, unless you are the boss who can simply establish rules that your employees should adhere to regarding proper waste management, waste reduction practices could be a bit more challenging.

However, even if you are not the business owner or the boss in your workplace, you can still do your part and keep the waste you produce at the office at the minimum. There are many simple ways you can trim down waste produced in your little ways.

  junk removal

One way you can reduce waste at the office is to bring your own packed lunch. Use your washable lunch kit to avoid using disposable items for having lunch at work. Along with this, you can also bring your washable mug, or thermos, to drink your coffee instead of using disposable coffee cups.

Another means of reducing waste is to use paper clips rather than using the stapler for compiling paper documents at the office.

In keeping important notes, instead of writing it down, choose to go paperless and keep notes digitally.

You can also try to use old re-use envelopes, folders, and boxes in storing and organizing office documents.

Choosing refillable cartridges for the printer can also be an excellent means of reducing waste.

In printing internal notes, you can print on both sides of the paper to utilize all its parts before throwing it in the bin.

If you are storing some fragile decorations in the office, use crumpled paper to protect these items rather than bubble wraps.

If you know that your office will be getting rid of old pieces of furniture that are still in good condition, you can ask your boss if the furniture may be donated to some organizations rather than just thrown away.  However, if the furniture would be taken care of by a respectable name in junk removal from Vancouver, BC, it’s possible that they will donate it to organizations, too. Some of the most trusted names in junk removal business check if furniture items can still be used before they go ahead and break it down to look for parts that are still usable.

You don’t have to be the boss of the company to make simple changes that can help in waste reduction. If you want, you can even suggest some of these tips on your next office meeting so that everyone can make a change.

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